For over 20  years I’ve owned a company that sold products to the service managers of new car and truck dealerships, machine shops and mechanical repair and maintenance departments of industrial companies, state and city governments, and utilities. Our outside, independent telemarketers helped us build a formidable business model. However, there are always times in business when circumstances dictate that you must look at your model again to see if it still serves you and your clients well. The economic and political conditions that we all have been working under during the past five years have been, at the very least, challenging. Many companies are no longer with us, and the prognosis for the future is speculative. Forward thinking and pragmatic business people are looking for ways to run their businesses more economically. To survive these trying times we must all make hard, difficult decisions.

Being a dedicated and responsible vendor, I realized that I needed to do my part to help this situation. I believed that it was incumbent upon me to do what I could to help my clients by offering them reasonable, additional alternatives in their buying choices. My success has always been dependent upon my clients’ success. It is even more so today. For, if my clients don’t survive, what will be my fate?

So, I decided to start a separate new company which would work on smaller margins and be independent of any commissioned, outside salespeople. Through this company, Wholesale Auto Products, you will still be able to purchase the proven products that you acquired in the past, but now, you will be able to do so at greatly reduced prices (in most cases at more than a 50% discount); hopefully aiding your future survival and prosperity.

Because we truly value your time, we have set up a model that we feel will not be invasive, and will allow you the flexibility and ease of ordering when, where, and what you want.

Three times per month we will send you E mails with SUPER deals! These E mails will include specials that we will run for only the next ten days that we feel will warrant your attention; some of the best values that you might find anywhere, and even lower than our everyday great prices. You can order by sending us a return E mail, ordering directly from our website or by calling in to speak to me, Fred Gansky, or one of my salaried customer service representatives. Just choose the method that works best for you at any given time. Our website, https://wholesaleautoproducts.com can be reached any time 24/7. It is here that you will be able to see a great many of our more popular items at prices, as I have said, most of the time, for less than 50% of what you have previously been paying somewhere else. Please contact us if you request something that is not listed, and we will get you the best possible quote that we can offer. We have literally thousands of items.

We offer all of our products on a total satisfaction guarantee basis. If you are not totally happy with the product(s) purchased from us, we will either take back the product without argument and give you a full credit, or replace it to your satisfaction. You have 30 days open terms. You have zero risk!

Many dealerships have gotten used to dealing with local vendors or telemarketers. Many relationships span a decade or greater. Sometimes it is awkward to make changes. Hopefully, if you are responsible for doing the purchasing, you will come to the conclusion, today, that dedication to your bottom line is your most important consideration. We hope that this alternative will be a worthwhile option for you to take.

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